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‘Coaching has taught me how to look after myself and my well-being as well as looking after the well-being of others and this has impacted greatly on my leadership!’
– Primary Head Teacher

‘Since we met, I haven’t had one moment of doubt about applying for the headship – which is a big step from where I had been. I am truly appreciative of the opportunity for us to work together and feel that this couldn’t have come at a better time for me.’
  Primary School Deputy Head, successfully appointed Head Teacher three weeks later.

‘Incredibly valuable. Where I thought I couldn’t cope with anymore I realise I can and would like to!!’ These sessions have given me time to reflect and build belief in myself. I’m not stressed now despite lots of stressful situations at times!! Feeling less stressed and ready to take next steps.
– Secondary School Head of Department

‘There IS a way that I can stop this silliness (lack of self-belief/ lack of confidence/ worry/ guilt etc) that goes on in my head! It’s such a relief. Thank you!!’
– Primary School Class Teacher

‘When I left the session I felt so good about myself, like I could do anything I put my mind to! I had this amazing buzz and confidence that gave me so much energy when I went back to school. The students even asked me what was up! In one session I left feeling like a massive pressure (which I hadn’t realised existed) had been alleviated. I felt more confident going into the next challenge. It ‘s been brilliant.’
– PE Teacher and More Able Coordinator, Secondary School

‘The sessions have really helped me to look at things in a more positive way and given me ideas about how to tackle tricky situations. They have boosted my own confidence and allowed me to talk honestly about my own insecurities.’
– Primary School Class Teacher

‘The one to one coaching was brilliant to get targeted support. June helps you to build confidence and identify your strengths and potential.’
– Assistant Head, Secondary School

‘I have learnt so much about myself and completely changed my outlook and approach to situations because of these sessions. It was such a safe, positive space (thank you June) that it left me feeling so calm, capable and positive about even the most difficult of challenges. It is something that all teachers should have access to during the year.’
– Primary School Class Teacher

‘One to one sessions have given me the confidence and understanding of what I have to do to further my career. I am able to deal with difficult situations much more effectively and believe I have become more professional in my approach to becoming lower school leader.’
– Primary School Class Teacher and Lower School Leader

‘I have had many successes as a result of June’s input.’
– SENCO, Primary School

‘The one-to-one sessions with June were brilliant. The strategies we worked on together have all had a very positive impact and are strategies I will be continuing to use and apply to other situations. June really listened to me and her coaching made me feel supported, whilst also making me realise that I can effectively deal with problems myself.’
– Acting Deputy Head, Primary School

‘June supported a number of new consultants with a range of goals ranging from successful time management to developing aspects of their work including exploring effective consultancy skills. The consultants found June’s support, challenge and use of questions invaluable in extending and refining their skills.’
– Lead Consultant, Babcock 4S

‘Results of one-to-one coaching sessions: Confidence and motivation to succeed! I was not a confident subject leader – I knew what needed doing but not how to achieve it.’
– Primary school subject leader

‘I can honestly say that I felt at the brink of despair and was close to resigning as a teacher because I had entirely lost focus as to why I had always wanted to be a teacher; the children. I felt as though I was in a deep, dark well and couldn’t escape but after your coaching sessions and being receptive, I feel as though I am back firing on all cylinders. Of course coaching isn’t a miraculous cure but it has given me so much to think about, challenged me, given me immense hope but ultimately the strength to enjoy life as a committed teacher.’