The topic of managing difficult conversations/ people/ behaviours is one that crops up often. Here are just a few of the questions I’ve been asked very recently:

• ‘How can I give a difficult message without totally demotivating that person in the process?’
• ‘How do I deal with someone that is convinced all is well and I have to let them know it’s not?’
• ‘How can I give effective feedback which will be listened to and acted upon without resentment?’
• ‘What can I do about the blame, grudges and lack of communication between team members?’
• ‘How do I deal with someone who struggles to listen, is defensive under attack and blames everyone and everything else for their shortcomings?’
• ‘How can I ask others to help when I know they’ve got so much to do themselves? – I’m drowning.’

Recognise any of the questions? They come to us all at one point or another!


How would you like to discover ways of working that will help to resolve these issues AND the anxiety and stress they create?

On this course you’ll learn how to strengthen inter-personal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing working conditions.

You’ll leave with techniques for handling challenging conversations and you’ll develop skills in negotiating for improvement with greater confidence to address the sticky areas of under-performance in your school.

You’ll leave better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver and focused leader.

Suitable for anyone looking for practical skills in dealing with difficult conversations: headteachers, senior leaders, heads of department and subject leaders.
This is an interactive training session with lots of opportunity for discussion and reflection regarding your own circumstances to ensure you will leave with SOLUTIONS.




‘I left with SPECIFIC strategies to use with one particularly challenging member of staff (and for others that may come in the future!) Excellent.’