Supporting Women Returning to Teaching to Apply for Leadership Roles
Dates to be confirmed

Programme Aims
Develop the self-confidence, skills, direction and thinking to apply for a leadership role or next stage promotion. This uplifting, thought-provoking programme starts with inspirational invited speakers and a focus on vision and goal-setting. This is followed by 3 afternoon workshops and 4 one-to-one leadership coaching sessions to support aspirations, concerns and best ways forward.

Who Can Apply?
This programme is open to any primary or secondary school teacher on maternity leave or who has returned to teaching after maternity leave (at any stage).


Session 1: Vision and Goal-setting plus inspirational speakers and role models

Session 2: Understanding Our Beliefs and Values

Session 3: Managing Difficult Conversations

Session 4: Working with Teams

PLUS 4 individual, confidential, personalised coaching sessions

Contact June for more information or to book your place.