Core and Advanced Coaching Development Groups

The Coaching Development Groups DEVELOP coaching skills AND support you to embed coaching in your school. Sessions provide on-going training plus plenty of opportunity for practical coaching. Contact us with any questions and to book.

IMG_9967Each session includes content on:
. How to use a coaching approach in leadership
. How to support colleagues and develop better relationships
. How to use powerful coaching tools and techniques
How to move coaching forward in your school

The Core Coaching Development Group is for people who are fairly new to coaching. These are half termly meetings to develop skills and learn powerful coaching tools. Leave with ideas to implement immediately to move coaching forward in your school!

– Coaching Principles and Models – introducing coaching in school
– Powerful Goal Setting
– Key Coaching Skills
– Key Coaching Tools
– Future Basing Techniques
– Advanced Questioning

The Advanced Coaching Development Group is for people who have attended advanced training in coaching and delve deeper into beliefs and values to support self and others. These are half termly meetings to further develop skills.

– Embedding and further Developing Coaching in School
– Uncovering Limiting Beliefs and Values
– Powerful Coaching Tools
– Using Metaphor and Clean Language
– Tools for Working with Teams
– Use Of Advanced Language Patterns

It’s been inspiring, thought-provoking and has made a SIGNIFICANT positive impact during my first year as Deputy Head.’