Hello and welcome to June Whittle Coaching.

I’m an accredited coach with a background in education. Over the years I’ve been an education consultant to schools in Surrey, a member of school leadership teams, a lead practitioner and a teacher, gaining a wealth of experience in the classroom. I understand the importance and demands of working in education, combining my knowledge of the learning process with expert coaching development skills.

For the last 15 years I have worked as a Leadership Coach with schools and individuals. I ensure personal and school success by exploring the ways in which each individual can reach their personal best through one-to-one sessions, team workshops and training programmes.

I would love to hear from you to discuss what you’re looking for and find the best way forward.

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– Co-Director of Coachmark, The National Quality Mark for Coaching in Education
– CSA Master Coach
– Accredited Assessor for the Institute of Educational Coaching
– Co-Author of SOS for Busy Teaching Professionals
– Member of the Association for Coaching which promotes excellence and ethics across the coaching profession